Sunday, August 10, 2003

"Kicked some serious Aussie booby"
Meredith May and Charles Burress of the San Francisco Chronicle report on the latest issue roiling Berkeley in Berkeley breast-feeders beat lactating Aussies:
Berkeley, the world champion of mass lactation, defended its crown Saturday against the upstart Australians in what has become something of a transpacific nursing grudge match.

On the count of, "One, two, three, latch!" nearly 700 moms suckled their babes in the Berkeley Community Theatre. Although the final head count was a bit shy of the 1,130 women who brought the title home to Berkeley last year, it still, to quote the master of ceremonies, "kicked some serious Aussie booby."
I, for one, am always interested in news of people with obscure hobbies. Zzzzzzzzz.