Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Tell us how you really feel alert!
James Bone says in the Times (UK) that Blix should turn the 'smoking gun' on his own head:
Hans Blix has just renewed his contract as chief UN weapons inspector for Iraq until the end of June. He says that summer would be a nice time to return home to Sweden. Why wait, Hans? You can resume your retirement at your retreat on the Baltic island of Graesoe in time for spring. It is time to resign.

Dr Blix’s recent performance has not only discredited himself but has betrayed the trust of all those many millions around the world who put their faith in the United Nations. Worse, his disingenuousness has guaranteed that the world’s sole remaining superpower will never put its security in the hands of a multilateral inspection agency because he has proved it is unreliable. He was hired as a technocrat and seems to have been behaving like a politician.

Resolution 1441 asks the chief inspector to answer a single question: is Iraq co-operating fully? Dr Blix refuses to give a simple answer to this question because he knows what that answer would be. When I asked him it last week, he explained: "There are lots of questions in this world, Mr Reporter, to which you should not answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’."

But this is not "Have you stopped beating your wife?" This is the question he was hired to answer. In his press conference on Thursday, President Bush pushed Dr Blix for a "yes" or "no" answer, too. The next day, Dr Blix took five sentences to give his response.
Hasta la vista, Hans!