Monday, March 10, 2003

Roasted peanut
Jimmy Carter's delusional ravings continue apace, but Steve Dunleavy has some perspective in the NY Post in Busybody Jimmy Carter a Man With No Ex Appeal:
ALEXANDER Hamilton, who founded this great newspaper in 1801, said, "Once presidents complete their terms, they should leave the country. Otherwise, they would be a great mischief."

He added that former presidents are "like discontented ghosts, sighing for a place which they were destined nevermore to possess." President Calvin Coolidge added a note: "I should like to be known as a former president who minds his own business."

Monsieur James Carter, ambassador without portfolio to Jacques "Ch-raq," showed yesterday that he played scant attention to history, and as a president, he was a great peanut farmer.
As easily the most incompetent President of modern times (Bubba included), Jimmy ought to shut his yap and be thankful a vengeful citizenry didn't give him what he really deserved.