Thursday, January 16, 2003

Don your gas mask alert!
Over at Fox News, Amy C. Sims pulls our finger with Gas Passers Sitting Happy:
NEW YORK - Consider it the anti-whoopee cushion.

It's the GasBGon flatulence filter, and it's helping provide relief for thousands of gas passers who have cleared rooms or blamed the dog for far too long.

"People tell us, 'Thank you for giving my life back. Now I can go out in public again,'" Sharron Huza, the cushion's creator, said in an interview. "They'll bring it with them to the movie theatre, to work, in the car or on the airplane."

Huza said more than 1,000 cushions have been sold in just over a year on the market. The company has been approached by people interested in taking GasBGon products into Belgium, Britain, Asia and Canada, according to James Huza, the company president.

"Second-hand flatulence knows no borders," he said.
Cushions can take about 450 toots before they need a filter change, and come in several fashion patterns with names like "The Musical Solo" and "Silent But Deadly."
Only 1,000 sold? They need a few "second hand gas" lawsuits. Paging John Edwards!