Sunday, November 24, 2002

Letter from a pen pal
The Observer (UK) has a letter that "might" be from our ole pal Osama Rum Baba. Blogs of War has the best take on it that I have seen in Osama bin Laden Joins the Progressive Movement:
Osama's new Letter to the American People has been fully translated. It reads like someone took the Koran and the Reader's Digest Guide to the Progressive Movement and threw them in a blender.
Lots of good wingnuttery by hopping on over to the Observer. "Osama" even complains about the Kyoto agreement! My favorite part is:
Who can forget your President Clinton's immoral acts committed in the official Oval office? After that you did not even bring him to account, other than that he 'made a mistake', after which everything passed with no punishment. Is there a worse kind of event for which your name will go down in history and remembered by nations?
Yep. If we don't squash you and your pals like bugs, it would be far worse.