Saturday, November 30, 2002

Copycat Alert!
Gerhard Schroeder has been reading Tommy Daschle's playbook - Schroeder: Media in Campaign Against Him:
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Friday said his family had received a series of threatening letters and accused the media of a campaign against him.

"The unmistakably threatening letters that we are receiving beat everything," Schroeder told ARD television. Schroeder, who lives with his wife and her daughter, gave no details of the threats.
Schroeder said he was in favor of tough scrutiny of politicians by the media. But he accused some newspapers, which he didn't name, of going too far.

"The open character assassination that we have in much of the tabloid press at the moment, and not just against me, damages Germany's democratic culture," Schroeder said, according to a transcript of the interview released ahead of its Friday night broadcast.

Irreverent criticism of Schroeder, whose popularity has plunged since his re-election, hasn't been restricted to the newspapers.
Sing along with the Chancellor, kids!