Friday, November 29, 2002

Laughing at the losers
RET in the American Prowler provides Born to Lose:
My colleague, the executive editor of The American Spectator (and editor of this website), Wladyslaw Pleszczynski -- no typographical error intended -- after weeks of scrutinizing the Democrats in defeat has come to an illuminating conclusion. They are cultivating the mentality of the born loser. Rather than going back to the locker room and revising their strategy for the next great contest, they are whining, pointing their fingers at teammates, and blaming the referees. Tom Daschle blames talk radio. Al Gore now blames talk radio, Fox News and the infallible Washington Times. Bill Clinton blames?wait he has been almost totally silent. What can this mean? Has Hillary told him he's been a bad boy again?

My favorite adept of the losers' mentality is the New York Times, the newspaper that is to liberalism what the Christian Science Monitor is to Christian Science -- though Christian Science is so much more plausible as a medical therapy than liberalism is as a public philosophy. The Times, after polling the electorate, reports on its front page that the electorate favors the Republican Party over the Democratic Party. On the other hand the electorate is "ambivalent about" Republican policies such as tax cuts and Social Security reform. Yes, I see what they are getting at. The Americans have been seduced by the voluptuous charms of the raffish Trent Lott and J. Dennis Hastert, the most winsome Casanova ever to emerge from Aurora, Illinois. Is such an incongruous conclusion possible?
They were losers long before the last election.