Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Give 'em the number for Renta-a-Clue
Moonbot is creaming his jeans over See you in court, Tony:
Parliament might have been denied its debate and the cabinet might have been silenced, but there are other means of holding the government to account.
If, by 4pm today, his lawyers have failed to agree that he will not attack Iraq without a new UN resolution, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will take the prime minister to court. For the first time in history, the British government may be forced to defend the legality of its war plans in front of a judge.
When international terrorists strike, call a lawyer. Bwahahahaa.
The case, hatched by the comedian Mark Thomas, looks straightforward.
To a comedian and Moonbot, at least.
The UK and the US are preparing to invade, whether or not they receive permission from the UN. Jack Straw, the foreign secretary, has stated that the UK will "reserve our right to take military action, if that is required, within the existing body of UN security council resolutions". But no UN resolution grants such a right.

Last week, Matrix Chambers, the legal practice founded by the prime minister's wife, prepared a legal opinion for CND. Its findings were unequivocal: "The UK would be in breach of international law if it were to use force against Iraq... without a further security council resolution."
Ooooo! Pretty scary, eh kids? To these cretins, "international law" has been doing a damn fine job so far. Unfortunately, the average citizen doesn't quite see it that way. Probably because they lack your advanced sensibilities, eh Moonbot?
The judge might decide that the courts don't have the authority to rule on military matters, but if she does agree to hear the case, the chances of winning are high. If CND wins, its lawyers believe it is "inconceivable" that the British government would go to war without a new resolution, as it would lose its remaining moral authority.
A deterrent in his own mind.
Activists in the US are hoping to launch a similar case.
Amazing! They come in herds.
If these suits did force our governments to return to the UN, they might not prevent a war with Iraq, as the security council could grant them the resolution they want. But this would not mean that the exercise was a waste of time. If the most powerful countries are permitted to wipe their feet on the UN charter with impunity, then the world will swiftly come to be governed by unmediated brute force.
What gets wiped, Moonbot, is somewhat higher up.