Saturday, October 19, 2002

We're Still Waiting
Well, now that N. Korea's "little secret" has been out for a few days, where are the public comments from the architects of the disasterously failed Clinton administration policy?

Jimmy Carter - nope. Must be too busy being a Nobel laureate.
Bubba Clinton - nope. Must be too busy ... er, personally probing something.
Madeleine Albright - well she did have her yap open on NBC News, but it was to whine about Iraq:
"I don't think there has to be such a rush," says Albright. "I think the American people and the rest of the world is really owed a better explanation as to why this has to happen this minute."
She apparently has no conception of the urgency in preventing a major league wingnut from getting nuclear weapons like she allowed her pals in North Korea to do. And the NBC newsdroids didn't ask the pompous loon if she had any synapses firing that might connect North Korea with Iraq - you know like delusional dictators, weapons of mass destruction, danger, Clinton stupidity.

So far, the only Clinton apparatchik to speak up has been Albright buttgirl, Wendy Sherman, who stated that the Clinton crowd knew nothingTM. The only problem is that Congress had been on Bubba's case as early as 1998 that there was apparent evidence that the NKors were cheating.

So the bottom line is that we're still waiting. When are Bubba, Jimmah, and Halfbright going to explain their actions on North Korea? C'mon people, you can open your mouths to whine, now open them to explain to the American people.