Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Pond Scum
(Via Gareth Parker). Guy Rundle deposits a steaming load of "it's all our fault" in the Sydney Morning Herald:
Militant Islamic fundamentalism is a potent ideology for people battered and humiliated by the extension of Western power and money into every area of global social life. Because it gives meaning to lives thrown into disarray by these forces, people are willing to die for it.

The further extension of unjust and unilateral power will simply increase the numbers of willing martyrs exponentially. We have never had a greater need for cool and calm reflection on our place in the world. Instead we are being asked to subscribe to patriotic dumbness. Only in Australia?
Guy, as is customary with the apologists, provides no factual basis for his whine which basically amounts to "West bad, killers good". He's as compulsively illogical as the Islamofascists and has only a slightly different religion.

Guy, we're fresh out of sackcloth and the only ashes are of our friends. Take your sorry ass back to whatever hole you crawled out of.