Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Mr. Peanut
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. has his way with the Canoist Without a Paddle:
If anyone has doubted the growth of Anti-Americanism in Europe, their doubts surely were silenced when the Nobel Prize Committee gave its "Peace Prize" to Jimmy Carter. For over twenty years every American who loves this country and takes pride in its achievements has avoided mentioning Jimmy as president, perhaps as carpenter, perhaps as peanut farmer, but not as president, and surely not as diplomat or peacemaker. Practically every country he leaves after his peace posturing he leaves a corrupt despotism or perhaps at best a corrupt oligarchy.

He was the worst president of the Twentieth Century.

... he has always been a fraud and an opportunist. His prey has always been the liberal sap. In running for the presidency in 1976 he gave these as his credentials: "I am a Southerner and an American. I am a farmer, an engineer, a father and a husband, a Christian, a politician and a former governor, a planner, a businessman, a nuclear physicist, a naval officer, a canoist, and among other things, a lover of Bob Dylan's songs and Dylan Thomas' poetry. "
He forgot butthead.