Friday, October 18, 2002

I'm So Surprised!
Niles Lathem and Marsha Kranes in the NY Post reveal Osama's Riflemen:
An al Qaeda suspect in custody in Belgium told American investigators he saw members of the terror organization training snipers in preparation for attacks on U.S. soil, a source told The Post last night.

One of the planned attacks targeted U.S. senators on a golf course.

Suspect Nizar Treblisi - questioned by U.S. agents - said a three-man sniper team trained for attacks while shooting from distances of 150 to 750 feet, the source said.
It's no surprise that al Qaeda has taught its operatives sniper techniques.

Al Qaeda terror manuals found in Afghanistan have sections on assassination - and ABC News last night aired film of al Qaeda trainees practicing shooting from the backs of pickup trucks.
Paging Chief Moose, please pick up the courtesy clue phone!

And the Feds shouldn't get away free either - they left Moose in charge of this hoedown.