Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Unwashed Alert!
The ecoweenies had their knickers tightly knotted as Colin Powell addressed the junketeers in Johannesburg:
Environmentalists shouting "Shame on Bush" heckled Secretary of State Colin Powell while he spoke at the Earth Summit on Wednesday.

"Betrayed by governments," read a banner held up by the protesters, some of whom were rapidly hustled out by security guards as they whistled and booed and shouted slogans critical of President Bush.

... Protesters began shouting at Powell when he mentioned the drought in southern Africa and singled out Zimbabwe and its controversial land seizure campaign.

Apparently our domestic whiners were amongst those lighting up the hall with their intellect.
One of the protesters, Roberto Frau, an American from a non-governmental organization, said he was enraged by U.S. policy.

"It was just enraging as an American to hear what your country is doing. It's complete bullshit what Colin Powell was saying," Frau said. "It's lies, and when you are part of that country it's really frustrating."

Shows what happens when you let the NGO's into the main tent. A number of them had staged a walkout as Powell arrrived, but some cockroaches remained.