Sunday, September 01, 2002

I'm Shocked! Shocked, I Tell You!
Thanks to Tim Blair for the link, Summit delegates come out to play:
It's not all talk and no action at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The WSSD delegates from non-governmental organisations in the eastern bloc, Europe, the west, African countries and their more distinguishable political counterparts are sampling the goods that South Africa, and particularly Johannesburg and Pretoria, have to offer.

An Arab delegate, who enjoyed his cigar and rounds of wine costing R300 a bottle while caressing the slim legs of a prostitute at a Pretoria hotel, praised South Africa's warm climate and "red-hot" women. "Life is like heaven here. I like it very much. The weather is good and the women are red-hot," said Abdullah Essop, pointing at blonde "Betsy".

Essop and the early arrivals, especially African delegates, have not only gone on a wild shopping spree for food and clothes ahead of the start of the summit tomorrow, but they already have the best times of their lives by living it up at top hotels. The delegates have been feeding on oysters, caviar and the best gourmet meals in town and have gone on a drinking and sex binge as well.
Pikers. Now that Bobby Mugabe has arrived, the shopping can really start!