Saturday, June 29, 2002

Retreat! Albert Armand Gore is holding a "retreat" this weekend with donors and supporters in a hotel in Memphis. I can't think of anything more weird and scary except possibly being locked in closet with a den of weasels on crack. However, it seems to be the thing to do - Smilin' John Edwards of North Carolina is doing the same thing at Sea Island, GA.

But back to Albert. So far the hot news from the hotel has included:
  • Tipper sharing with us that she supports Albert running again. Apparently she was really, really depressed after Albert lost, but now she is raring to go, if still somewhat "eccentric".
  • Albert promising a "more spontaneous, less restrained campaign if he runs for president in 2004". Uh Oh! Sounds like more steroids for the alpha male.

In related news, Albert and Tipper have spent part of the nest egg they acquired on their meager government salary to buy a $2.3 million house outside Nashville. When Albert's father was first elected to Congress in 1938, he was a poor school teacher. The family must have made some "good investments" since then. Armand Hammer being one of them.