Monday, June 24, 2002

Pond Scum: Susan Goldsmith has a lengthy puff piece in New Times L.A. profiling red diaper baby, Peter Schey (member of the National Lawyers Guild, natch), who has lead the legal charge for unrestricted immigration into the United States. Perhaps unintentionally, the subtitle is Critics say L.A. lawyer Peter Schey is ruining America by helping hordes of illegal immigrants stay here. Schey says his work's far from done.

When asked "about who does not deserve to be here, Schey is quiet. He has to think for a few moments. 'I think there are some people we should keep out, like the shah of Iran and the Marcoses of the Philippines.' ...'The reasons people come to the United States are more powerful than the laws intended to stop them.' ... And American taxpayers will probably end up paying Schey's legal bills in the process."

Sounds like good work if you can find it. And are pond scum.