Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sundry Amusements

Drudge has been running this photo most of the day over the title of a WaPo article:

Well, maybe not exactly this photo. Which reminds me - Kerry-Edwards Spend $50M to Prove They're 'Regular Folks.'

Then Jacob Laksin covers a "mass panty flash at Manhattan's Battery Park." It's the usual wingnuttery, but:
The park was swarming with media types, though it was hard not to notice that they, like most of the onlookers, were overwhelmingly male. Photographers ran around snapping furiously, taking pictures at a rate surprising even for professional shutterbugs. Meanwhile, the Eves persisted with their partisan gyrations, chanting, "Which side are you on? Our panty lines our drawn."

Now I can't speak for everyone, but most spectators seemed to be on the side that provided the best view of the action. That included two members of the NYPD. Asked if he thought this a choice assignment, one officer did not hesitate. "Absolutely," he said, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."
Still, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I spotted one young man who took something away from the experience. Displaying a noticeably tight tank top with the words "Weapons of Mass Seduction" across the chest, he was radiant: "For my girlfriend," he explained. "I got it extra small."

And then there's sad news for wannabe celebrity politicos - Negative Votes for P. Diddy:
CITIZEN Change — the not-for-profit organization Sean ("P. Diddy") Combs created to get out the vote — needs some changes itself.

The group had to cancel this weekend's fund-raiser at Combs' house in the Hamptons, following a disastrous event in Miami last weekend coinciding with the MTV Video Music Awards. The Miami turnout was so sparse that the Mansion club opened its doors to paying customers midway through the night.

"There have been a series of fund-raisers, none of which have been raising money," said a source. "Nobody's writing big checks. Celebrities are not signing on. Puffy thought it would be like 'We Are the World.' It isn't.

"Even Ben Affleck and Russell Simmons stayed away [from Combs] during the DNC in Boston," the source added.
The group has failed to raise the kind of money necessary to staff it, so almost everyone who holds a Citizen Change title has an outside job as well.
Don't quit your day job!