Saturday, September 04, 2004

Shrill and skanky is a heck of a way to go through life

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette - RIDICLUELESS:
Don't read further in this story without first listening to this brief excerpt from John Kerry's comments on the Republican convention (play audio) [visit Mudville for the link].

Ooops, sorry - that was Doug Neidermeyer from Animal House. I'll find the Kerry audio later.

While I'm searching, read Susan Estrich again: ...
More by visiting Mudville, but as far as ole Suzy goes - no thanks - been there, done that. Basically, like so many Donks, Suzy has become unhinged by the Republican convention and her response is volunteering to be a martyr in a suicide smear bomb attack. A lot of that seems to be going around - Families of POWs Frightened By Kerry:
The plan was to release the first TV ad with Kerry’s own band of brothers from the Swift Boats accusing him of lying about what happened in Vietnam and his own record.

The second wave was to have POWs on camera accusing Kerry of betrayal for his anti-war activities after he left Vietnam.

Those two waves hit like political atom bombs.

The third wave of attack was to have the families of the POWs go on air to reveal how Kerry’s activities hurt them and their imprisoned loved ones.

Apparently, there are also claims that anti-war protesters like Jane Fonda and John Kerry actually contacted the families of POWS, encouraging them to come forward and criticize the U.S. government. Some families were told that by criticizing the U.S. government their loved ones in Hanoi would get better treatment.

But getting POW family members to speak out has become difficult. After seeing how the Swift Boat Vets and the POWs have been treated, many are fearful of going public.
Ya think? But not everyone is intimidated by the Democrat slime squad.
One who went through the ringer for speaking out was former POW Ken Cordier, a former Air Force Colonel. When a friend recently commiserated with the media drubbing, Cordier said, “The communists tortured me for seven years, this is nothing.”
Who'd think a whole political party backed by tons of money would be driven rabid by a few POWs and their families speaking their minds?