Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Pronged again

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Here's a report on this morning's Good Morning America:
Perhaps the most telling moment of the morning was the coffee klatch between Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopolous at GMA.

George admitted that Kerry is "angry with his staff." Apparently the poll numbers that worry them the most are W's approval ratings which are now solidly over 50%, and the fact that Kery went from a sizeable post-DNC advantage to a sizeable deficit on who would make the better commander-in-chief.

Steph said the Dems have a three-pronged strategy: 1. Kerry's speech at the American Legion, where he'll give a tough critique on Iraq and try to exploit W's recent statement on the winnability of the war. 2. A major advertising buy on domestic issues; and 3. A rapid response team. Many new people are being brought in but no one is being fired.
Number 3 sounds like the Democrat strategy for everything.

As for Number 1, I saw part of it and the good news for Lurch was that no one fell asleep. The bad news was that it was quiet enough that you could have heard them snore if they did. The Legionnaires were "polite." You can head over to Nedra Pickler at the AP for the official talking points, but even media spin isn't going to convince them.