Friday, April 30, 2004

"I'm mad as Hell" - Let's have some leftoid entertainment!

Well, leftoid fun is going to be hard to find at Err America - Errors keep piling up for Air America Radio. Time to get down your bets in the dead pool.

But not to worry, wingnuts! There's hope on the horizon - Dean preps for talkshow:
Dr. Phil could soon be sharing the Paramount lot with another doc: Howard Dean.

While everything's still in the early talking stages, the former Democratic presidential candidate is mulling the idea of hosting his own syndicated gabfest. He's hooked up with ex-Big Ticket TV topper Larry Lyttle ("Judge Judy") and longtime political consultant Gerald Rafshoon, who would likely serve as exec producers of a pilot for any such project.
Be still, my heart! Jerry Springer better watch his back!

Lyttle and Rafshoon are lefty political consultants so we know where this going.
"The last thing we're going to talk about is politics," Lyttle said. "We'd talk about a myriad of other things instead of politics."
Yuk, yuk. We believe ya.
Dean's skein would likely have more in common with the talkshow Bill Clinton had been considering a few years back.

"He'd look at things like, What happens if you lose a sibling? What about when you're victimized by not having health care?" Lyttle said, arguing that Dean has the perfect persona for the small screen.
Yup, no politics there. But where are the adulterous couples of several sexes and the fisticuffs? I think Springer is safe, this sounds like a sure cure for insomnia.
"He's a little bit of Howard Beale, a little Dr. Phil and a little Donahue all rolled into one," he said. "What was so appealing to me is the fact that he's not afraid to express an opinion."
Howard Beale! Now that's the ticket. Howie (Dean that is) could close each show with an extended rant and then yell "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Yearghhhhhhhhhh!" before passing out.