Thursday, May 19, 2005

Today's Hoot!

Proceed immediately to Huffington's Toast and partake of the goodness! My latest fave is Won't You Please Help? by an "Andrew Sullivan":
UNBREAK MY HEART: Two more salvos from Instapundit. Sigh. Look, I like Glenn; by and large, he’s a decent man. But when it comes to his whitewash of Bush’s crimes, I just want to wrap him in an Israeli flag and flush his head in a toilet.
I don't know - the guy looks suspiciously like Pee Wee.

And speaking of ole Andy:
There are a variety of reasons that I don't read Andrew Sullivan anymore including the fact that he's a pretend conservative who voted for John Kerry, is inconsistent, confused, intellectually dishonest, obsessed with gay marriage, & loathes religious people.

But today, via Glenn Reynolds ("SULLIVAN seems to think that I should be blogging more about Abu Ghraib,") I learned that there's a new reason to dislike Andrew Sullivan: he's still blathering on about Abu Ghraib.
I guess he has an intense interest in dungeon bondage scenes and wearing panties on his noggin. But you do have to wonder why he's so supportive of the Islamofascists - take Amsterdam - It may be Europe's most liberal city - but if you are gay, you had best beware:
WHEN the editor of one of America’s leading gay magazines visited the world’s gay capital a fortnight ago, he assumed that he would be safe.

But as Chris Crain, editor of the Washington Blade, was walking hand in hand with his boyfriend near one of the gay districts in Amsterdam, two men standing on a street corner spat at his face. He stopped to ask why, was called a “fag” and suddenly the two youths turned into seven.

Surrounded, Mr Crain was kicked to the ground by the gang and ended up in hospital with a broken nose and badly bruised face.

His attackers were Moroccan youths, blamed by Dutch gay rights groups for a disturbing rise of gay-bashing, as conservative Islamic culture clashes with Dutch liberalism.
Hey, maybe Andy's into that kind of thing? But it's no more puzzling than why there are Moroccans in Amsterdam.