Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Idiot season has opened and there aren't any bag limits!

Indra Nooyi stupid fat cow

Yep, it's commencement time which means a flock of fools spouting ridiculous blather will be boring graduates all around the nation. Break out your field duds, grab the 12 gauge, and keep your eyes peeled!

To start it off, Power Line alerts us to a prime specimen: Indra Nooyi, the president and CFO of PepsiCo, who told the Columbia Business School grads that the USA is the "middle finger" of the world. I guess being a sugar water peddler entitles ole Indra to look down on us lowly Americans. Or makes her immune to irony. But it does make you wonder why you would consume any of the many PepsiCo products when management thinks so little of you, doesn't it? Contacts for PepsiCo include the ever popular BoardofDirectors@Pepsi.com, but a word to your local Pepsi bottler might prove most satisfactory.