Friday, May 20, 2005

A nice smooch from Belinda

Belinda demonstrates her technique

Canada's scandal ridden Liberal government survives by one vote:
The squeaker vote on the Grits' jerry-rigged budget passed, as expected, after tight-lipped Independent MP Chuck Cadman threw in his lot with the government and Speaker Peter Milliken broke the resulting 152-152 tie.

We now face many more months of unprincipled, sleazy government by a scandal-tainted party that has shown it cares about nothing more than staying in power, ruled by a PM whom 63% of Canadians reportedly believe is the most dishonest of all the party leaders.

But hey, on the bright side, we can plan our summer vacations without having to worry about being pestered by annoying politicians or bothering to vote!
Citizens aren't likely to storm Ottawa over the goverment's appalling banana-republic tricks -- suspending Opposition days to worm out of confidence votes; refusing to recognize a 153-150 vote demanding they resign; buying the defection of ex-Tory Belinda Stronach -- even though by rights, they have every reason to.
Fun as it is to blame the whorish ways of Bimbo Belinda, she's outnumbered by the prostitutes in the NDP:
The Liberal-NDP budget just passed hikes spending outrageously, wiping out any claim the Grits once had to fiscal responsibility. (Martin actually tried to tell his caucus last night the budget represented their ideas and vision -- when he knows full well it was concocted in a hotel room with the NDP and union leader Buzz Hargrove. Do even they believe this stuff?)
Not only do we know what the NDP is, we know their price too. But not to worry - all's well that ends well:
Nothing has changed. Except that the Liberals now have up to 10 months to go on blowing our money, dangling sleazy favours and otherwise distracting us from their own corruption. Enjoy your summer.