Friday, April 01, 2005

Nerds gone wild!

The folks at Microsoft have been so intent on beating Google at Internet search that MSN Search is plumbing previously unknown nooks and crannies in the Web and folks are getting caught in the mud splatter - Horrible Scandal Kills My Career:
I'm not sure I can continue blogging (or even working within the North American continent). Apparently, MSN Search discovered some horrifying and embaressing sites with my name all over them. Someone forwarded me this search for "Nathan Weinberg" on MSN Search. The MSN Search spiders are so powerful, they are detecting things I thought would be buried forever.
Ruh Roh! Look at some of the stuff it digs up on Kofi Annan:
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Oil Prices soar, Kofi Annan's SUV gas-guzzler is blamed
International oil markets hit new highs today on increased usage of Kofi Annan's SUV. "It's such a gas guzzler, and he uses it so much, it's really driving the market right now," financial analyst Andrew DiBella told INTERNATIONAL TRADE WEEKLY. When contacted about this story, a defensive Annan yelled that he "made a donation to Ducks Unlimited already!" and slammed down the phone. Cached page
Outdoorsman's Recap: Annan is still picking feathers out of his gears can give a person a Trek 520 mountain bike, and point him toward the trail, but this is still Kofi Annan were talking about. After the accident, someone had to call the cops, and then we had to get the owl to the vet... Cached page
Hyperactive guru Kofi Annan says, "Fidgeting: it's not just for limbs anymore!"
We've all been places where pacing, coin-flipping, or even finger-drumming is discouraged. Church, for instance. When I'm at a church service with energy to burn, I wiggle my ears! Unlike some "stealth fidgets," suck as clenching alternate butt cheeks, an ear-wiggler is the last person you'd accuse of being... Cached page

Kofi Annan, "mesmerized" by reflection of self in oncoming car windshield, hospitalized after accident
"Of course Im not going to press charges! After all, if *I* was totally transfixed by the image of myself coming closer and closer to me, I can only imagine what it must have been like for the driver! Besides, the pain was worth it for that one minute where I thought I had finally met someone as good looking as I am... Cached page

Kofi Annan Movie Reviews: SID AND NANCY: Best date movie EVER
...takes me back to the first time You Know Who and I ever kissed. I can still remember what it felt like to pass that cigarette butt back and forth... Cached page