Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Didn't she used to be in ABBA?

We benighted rednecks in the states don't get exposed to the finer things in life like Margot Walström, the Swedish Socialist blonde joke who is now the EU Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication. That's apparently the fancy name for head spinner in the campaign for the EU Constitution. Or as Margot says:
"Europe builds roads, bridges and railways in order to bring people closer together. Now we have to strengthen contacts between people."
Woohoo! Anyhow, as with all trendy politicians everywhere, ole Margot has a blog to spread the joy, but there's trouble in Happyland:
It appears that that the "colleagues" are getting a little nervous about the proliferation of free speech on the Margot Walström Blog.

Confronted with a surge of pointed comments from a band of articulate Eurosceptics, England Expects informs us that, in an attempt to repel boarders, commission press official David Monkcom has issued a plea for assistance on the commission's internal notice board, 'intracomm'.
Calling all bureaucrats! Grab your coffee mugs and man (or woman) the rail to repel boarders!
Interestingly, while the payroll vote is being mobilised to lend support to the fragrant Margot, we note that the one person most notably reluctant to face the sceptics and "answer their very probing questions" on the comments section of the Margot Walström Blog is er… Margot Walström.
Politicians and blogs - there ought to be a law. Wait, don't tell the EU bureaucrats that! They might try to regulate it.