Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring Break Alert!

And now it isn't for students only - Profs Gone Wild! Extreme Ultimate Spring Break Volume 6:
Get ready for even more of the ultimate spring break intellectual experience! You won’t believe the academic insanity as Iowahawk’s Dave Burge and his inquiring camera crew catch real live college faculty getting their freak on at the beach… in the clubs…. even the hot transgressive action back in their hotel symposia! From Rocky Mountain ski lodges to the beaches of Florida and Cuba, to the hot sun of Texas and across the border to Mexico where anything goes, this all-new video is the biggest, craziest, most blazing Profs Gone Wild spring break video yet! Profs Gone Wild: Extreme Ultimate Spring Break Volume 6 – It’s Hot, Tenured, and Out of Control!

Just how hot? Check it out this uncensored clip of the apres ski hot tub action in Vail, when Dave and crew encounter an unsuspecting Native American Studies chairman from the nearby University of Colorado!
Ruh Roh! Much more by following the link.