Sunday, March 27, 2005

Just trying to help!

Florida Cracker points out a problem with Harper's latest cover:
The cover of the March issue of Harper's magazine shows a group of Marine recruits. One of them is fading.

It's a story on going AWOL.

The recruit shown as fading is angry. He's Lance Cpl. Britian Kinder, an active duty Marine who's not the least bit AWOL. Neither are any of the other Marines on the cover. They're not too pleased either.
Giulia Melucci, vice-president for public relations for Harper's says the cover photo is merely decoration. There's no word on what her reaction would be if she were pictured on the cover of Time with a knife superimposed in her hand to illustrate a story on "Women Who Kill."
She's got some more suggestions too. I always like to help out, so above is my contribution for a dynamite Harper's cover featuring their wingnut editor, Lewis Lapham. Looking good, Lewis!

Michelle Malkin has more.