Friday, March 19, 2004

More than we wanted to know

Apparently one of the reasons for Lurch's Spring Break at his Idaho palace (Has he got more palaces than Saddam or what?) was to provide wonderful photo opportunities that will convince the public that he's just a regular guy instead of some sort of weird geek. Great job so far guys!

But the biggest hoot was the shopping trip leading up to the big Spring Break trip as chronicled at The Note:
On Comedy Central's "Daily Show" Tuesday, host Jon Stewart mocked Kerry's pre-vacation television-covered errands saying, "Among his stops: a Borders book store where he showed just like all Americans by pretending to be interested in books, using the bathroom, and then leaving without buying anything."
Mr. Stewart also rightly pointed out that during that same outing, "(Kerry) bought a jockstrap shopping with his daughter in front of a camera crew."
Even Kerry's daughters can't be such prigs that a jockstrap is a novel concept, but why do his handlers think that taking the press along to the store john and buying jockstraps is a clever gambit? Hmm, maybe they wanted to convince the public that Kerry actually had something requiring a jock strap?

Anyhow, The Note is hoping for more:
Nevertheless, Kerry's vacation will mark the first vacation the Senator will enjoy with both Secret Service protection and a traveling press corps.

Mr. Stewart, this could be your lucky week.
It's always a lucky week with the Lurch family because they have no conception of their cultural dissonance.