Thursday, March 18, 2004

Gag me with a spoon!

10,000 miles, 358 interviews: Duke senior tells highs, lows of following Democratic candidates:
Justin Walker, the Duke University senior who logged thousands of miles on the campaign trail to cover Democratic candidates, has returned to Durham now. But Walker has offered up his "Best and Worst of the Campaign Trail." To read his entire reports, go to /news/campaigndiary.html.
And have your sick sacks handy. Here's a sample of the "Best":
MY FAVORITE CANDIDATE: Dennis Kucinich, for his compassion and his sincerity.

MY FAVORITE CAMPAIGN STAFF: Dennis Kucinich's, whose staffers offer me hugs, not handshakes.

MY FAVORITE "THE CANDIDATE IS LATE" STALLING TACTIC: Open-mike night with peace-song-singing Kucinich supporters at a bingo hall in Davenport, Iowa.

MY FAVORITE CAMPAIGN MOMENT: Walking to the polls with John Kerry.
But there's a telling "Worst" too:
WORST RANDOM TOURIST STOP: The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, which my friend Tyler and I toured after an Edwards rally there. (FYI: Czech and Slovak history, not pleasant! Too many tsars and Führers.)
They probably didn't sing enough peace songs.