Friday, March 19, 2004

Good news for us little people!

(Via Best of the Web) Der Speigel is running a promo for an upcoming article that I'm sure will give you hope, as it does me.
"Teresa's Election"

US presidential election campaign: President John Forbes Kerry would bring an unusual wife to the White House. Teresa Heinz Kerry is wealthier and older than her husband, and some people say she is cleverer, more aggressive and stronger than him too. Can America cope with this lady? Teresa Heinz Kerry knows her way around, she has got around a lot: born in Mozambique, she went to school in South Africa and to university in Geneva, she speaks five languages, has translated for the United Nations, and she knows the world. Which is why she knows, and says out loud, that the United States can at times be quite immature.
On behalf of the benighted American citizenry, I'd like to thank Teresa for offering to raise us from our miserable immature condition. I'd also like to suggest that she hump somebody else's leg.