Friday, January 02, 2004

Dang! There go my royalties!

Hopewell Junction (ed. NY) family gets rights to Islam symbol
The Islamic symbol of the crescent and star has now been patented.

Hopewell Junction attorney Aziz Ahsan and his family took on the task of seeking a patent for the symbol following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Patenting the symbol was Ahsan's attempt to create a positive Muslim identity.
The Ahsans submitted the crescent and star design to the U.S. State Patent and Trademark office and after a year of examination, the patent was issued on Dec. 16.
Ahsan sought a patent so he and his family would have control over how the symbol is used commercially. And while the Ahsans will receive royalties, he said he hasn't figured out how the proceeds will be received and distributed.

This new symbol has both a utility patent, which is in effect for 20 years, and a design patent that's good for 14 years.
Hopewell Junction resident Ummar Ahmad disagreed with the need to patent the symbol.

''It is used widely ( by Muslims) from stationery to flags,'' Ahmad said, ''I don't think it has any value because it has been used for years.''
Someone with more knowledge of patents than I will have to 'splain this one.