Thursday, September 11, 2003

Remembering 9/11

Never Forget! Never Forgive!

The Islamofascist knuckle draggers who believe that Western blood will assuage their rancor that their culture took a wrong turn into a stagnant cesspool about a thousand years ago are walking dead men and no one will miss their passing.

Or they will be, if the West doesn't succumb to the usual suspects calling for "closure"
  • The barking moonbats on the left and their toffee nosed academic pals who blame America and its citizens for everything they can conjure up
  • The garden variety politicians who are upset that their trough time was interrupted and their cousins, the disgusting quislings who think surrender is always the best plan
  • The air brains who think warm hugs will cure the world's ills
  • The smarmy media talking hair-dos who are distressed that the people are getting "off message"
  • The Hollywood glitterati who think their ability to take a turn on the stage has endowed them with some sort of superior moral authority
  • The peanut gallery of greasy self-serving bureaucrats infesting the United Nations and various other chancellories world wide
We've got your closure right here.