Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More on MEChA Man (bloggers mentioned)
John Leo in the NY Daily News - Racial taint being ignored in Calif. recall:
California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante's ties to the creepy Chicano secessionist group MEChA may not be the biggest story of the recall election, but voters surely have a right to expect some actual information about the leading Democratic candidate's views of a group that is certainly racialist, if not racist.
Now, it's safe to say that if a leading Republican candidate for governor had any ties to a MEChA-like group of white supremacists, past or present, 20 or so reporters would charge out of every California newsroom, eager to commit journalism. Nothing like that has happened.
Well now there's a huge honking shocker.
The heavy lifting on this story has been done by Internet bloggers. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), Mickey Kaus (Kausfiles) and two sites new to me (Tacitus and Pejmanesque) have been reporting on MEChA. (For a defense of Bustamante, go to Ted Barlow's site.) Tacitus argues that this can't be whisked away as a harmless youthful affiliation. He writes: "Former Klansmen and former Nazis don't get a pass unless they spend a great deal of time and energy apologizing for and explaining themselves in a convincing manner."

I agree. Defenders of MEChA portray it as a benign social group now distant from its radical roots. But MEChA sites tell Chicanos not to work outside "the bronze race" and to condemn "multinational" alliances. And there are hints of violence. El Plan de Aztlan calls for "self-defense against the occupying forces of the oppressors."

If this is leftover '60s bluster, why don't MEChA and Bustamante simply disavow it?
C'mon Cruzer, what's the deal?