Friday, September 12, 2003

Pond Scum Honor Roll
Because it's always nice to know who your friends aren't.

Jeff Jarvis in the NY Post on PBS's 9/11 Crime:
Leave it to PBS to turn the terror and tragedy, the unspeakable crime and pain of 9/11 into a cold, soulless exercise in political self-criticism.

If you watched the Ric Burns documentary "The Center of the World" this week, you saw an effort to rewrite the story of 9/11, so it is no longer about murderous fanatics and selfless heroes, not even about life and death.

It is about globalization.
We would expect nothing less from PBS.

British Muslims denied sites for celebrating 9/11:
A radical British Muslim group, which had planned to celebrate the September 11 attacks at public meetings across Britain, was forced to cancel the events yesterday when four chosen venues refused to make space available.

Instead, the Al Muhajiroun group held a news conference where it displayed portraits of the hijackers — labeled the "Magnificent 19" — with Osama bin Laden's face superimposed over an image of the New York's World Trade Center in flames.
Ulps! I hope they don't find out about the bacon fat on the mosque door!

Andrew Sullivan on the Baathist Broadcasting Corporation:
"At the one extreme you have George W Bush, at the other Osama Bin Laden.."
Good thing they never met me, it would upset their calibration.

At Daimnation:
Just after my clock radio came on this morning, I heard someone on CBC Radio's "World Report" talking about the need for Americans to seek "closure" after the events of September 11, 2001.


(Via Dr. Frank) Guardian moonbat Roger Burbach opines:
"To understand better what happened in New York in 2001, go back to Chile in 1973."
This eructation was also featured in the NY Times and at Cornell's 9/11 celebration. Hmm, I must have missed the talking points when they were distributed! However, other than that they both occurred on Sept. 11 and are pet projects of leftoid whiners, the situations aren't at all alike. But it's a good way to fill column inches.