Sunday, April 27, 2003

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!
Don't worry Teresa, it's not about John. We're just following Tim Blair (hyperlinks are bloggered, go here and search the page for Face for Peace) to . And he's found the mother lode of wingnuttery. Check out Kaushalya, catalyst for change, for a sample. Or kate who opines "i have been involved in peace and social justice since before i can remember."

But the best part is that you can submit a face! After filling out a questionnaire and uploading a picture, you'll get a URL you can send to all your friends. But it's a transitory pleasure - they seem to be censoring the "faces" that are actually linked in the main "rally" to guarantee peacenik proclivities. The URLs for "faces" that don't make the grade start returning a 500 - Internal Server Error after they catch on. Good coding, goofballs.

Hmm, I wonder how long before the parody boys, Parrott and Treacher make the scene?