Thursday, February 20, 2003

What a toughie!
Adam Sage in the UK Times astounds with Brief handshake gets Mugabe visit off to frosty start (warning - awful registration system):
PRESIDENT CHIRAC greeted President Mugabe of Zimbabwe with the briefest of handshakes yesterday as controversy over the his (sic) visit to Paris threatened to undermine the 22nd Franco-African summit.

As M Chirac opened the two-day summit, he welcomed most the of 45 African heads of state with a kiss on each cheek and an embrace. But when Mr Mugabe arrived, M Chirac seemed to freeze.

He kept his left hand behind his back, extended his right hand for a peremptory greeting and then pointed the Zimbabwean President into the conference hall.
What, no smooch for Bobby? I wonder what Jackanapes does when he gets really angry?