Monday, February 17, 2003

Terror Drone Alert!
I'd seen the news reports, but Israel Insider is the first I saw to report this:
Six Hamas members killed when their terror drone explodes

Six senior Hamas members were killed Sunday afternoon in Gaza City as they were preparing an unmanned drone for use on an intelligence gathering or terror mission.
The six Hamas members were killed when they went to open the trunk of a car parked in the Zeitoun neighborhood south of Gaza City, news agencies reported. The circumstances of the "mysterious explosion" were not clear, and it was originally reported that the Hamas members were killed in a "work accident" as they unpacked or assembled the contents of the trunk - a pilotless remote control miniature airplane.

Palestinian sources reported that an Israeli helicopter was hovering overhead, but there were no reports of missiles being fired at the car. Hamas officials charged Israel with targeting members of their organization, either by booby-trapping the unmanned drone they had received or by destroying it by remote control from an IDF drone hovering overhead.

In a statement issued hours after the incident, Hamas admitted that its men had been working on a small remote-controlled plane, which they evidently planned to use in an attack.
Bwahaha - I guess we won't see them down at the hobby shop anymore! Terror Drones, an apt description.