Sunday, February 16, 2003

One News (NZ) reports that Turkey tells Iraq time's up:
The Turkish government gave Baghdad an ultimatum on Monday, saying time was up for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Ankara could do no more.

The Anatolia agency reported the ultimatum came in the form of a message for Saddam delivered to Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz during a stopover at Istanbul airport by his Turkish counterpart, Mehmet Ali Sahin.
According to Anatolia, Aziz was told that Saddam Hussein must take drastic decisions that will surprise the world.

Aziz's Turkish counterpart, Mehmet Ali Sahin, told Aziz: "There is no time left... Turkey had done what it could for peace", according to Anatolia.
"The most important steps towards peace must now be taken by Iraq," he said.

Sahin added that explanations provided to the United Nations Security Council by Iraq about its weapons capabilities were "insufficient" and "bigger steps must be taken", Anatolia reported.