Sunday, February 16, 2003

Hit the road, Kofi!
Jim Hoagland in the NY Post tugs at the heartstrings in Kofi vs. Condi:
KOFI Annan sounds as worried and as frustrated as I have ever heard him in conversations that span 30 years. "We are in a time crunch," the secretary-general of the United Nations says. "Everyone needs to lower their voices and to proceed deliberately. Giving the impression of bullying others will not resolve the problem of Iraq."

Although Annan, the consummate diplomat, does not label any country as the source of bullying, his exasperation with U.S. pressure to act is clear.
Sophie Cannon's problem is that acting on anything is completely out of character:
I have to say that I found the program valuable for providing a glimpse into the inner workings of the UN. And what a cushy gig it is. They travel the world on private jets, attend lots of cocktail parties, wear gorgeous clothes, schmooze with world leaders, eat and drink only the finest, and yes, occasionally drop by some dirt-poor Third World country and make overtures towards the dictator at hand. I think I learned more about the fabulous lifestyle of a top-ranking UN employee, than I did about Kofi Annan, but it sure beat ''Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.''
Hey, Kofi! Why don't you "proceed deliberately" on spiffing up the ole resume? It's looking rather shabby as it is.

Kofi's resume