Friday, November 01, 2002

What a Knee Slapper!
The AP relates that Saucy hot sauce label has skater all fired up:
Tonya Hot Sauce features an unflattering caricature of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding outside a dumpy trailer, cigarette in mouth, ice skates in one hand and a hubcap in the other.

"Not for the weak-kneed," reads the label. "Guaranteed to assault your taste buds. It's a lead-pipe cinch you'll love it."

John Farmer and his PDX Hot Lix company brought out the product a couple of years ago and says it's all in fun.

"I just read the papers and think up ideas for a product," the airline employee said. "Tonya just keeps on giving."

Harding doesn't think it's very funny and neither does her lawyer. Made in Oregon stores pulled the product from the shelves after getting a legal letter advising them not sell the sauce.
I find it hard to believe that Tonya Harding's mug in caricature sells hot sauce, but whatever floats your boat. And ole Tonya is really, really upset:
"I've sold maybe 2,000-2,500 bottles," Farmer said. "When she does something really stupid, I sell extra cases of it."

He said he hasn't talked to Harding, but that Markham said in his letter that Harding would go along with it all if she got "a reasonable share of the revenues."
As the old joke goes: we know what she is, but we're still establishing the price.