Monday, October 28, 2002

Ewwwww Alert!
Variety reveals that 'jackass' Outgrosses Box Office Rivals:
LOS ANGELES (Variety) - If you vomit and defecate in public places, they will come.

That could be the new mantra in Hollywood as the anarchic reality film "jackass: the movie" opened at No. 1 and put a new spin on the term "box office gross."

According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, "jackass" earned $22.7 million in the three days beginning Oct. 25. If estimates hold when final data are released on Monday, it will rank as the third-highest October opening ever.

"jackass: the movie," based on the controversial MTV stunt series, follows a gang of inebriated urban warriors who eat a snow cone soaked in urine, defecate in a toilet displayed in a home-supply store, and pole-vault into a wall.
Then there is Dish Network who is advertising an "event" for November titled Jerry Springer: Bizarre Sex Jobs, apparently from his "greatest hits" collection.

While it's tempting to predict the imminent demise of Western civilization, one hundred years ago people would have been going to freak shows.