Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Evita Alert!
According to Newsweek, Hillary addressed the masses this weekend "from a perch on the staircase of movie producer Alan Horn's art-filled Bel Air home". Aside from claiming President Bush was "selected", not elected, she also delivered a shocker (emphasis added):
Though she and her husband had raised more money than any other Democratic political team this year, Clinton said, Bush's machine has raised far more "to try to ruin the reputations of our candidates or, if they can't, to depress the turnout" by making campaigns unpalatably nasty. "But, you know, you have got to hand it to them," Clinton said with what sounded like a rueful appreciation. "These people are ruthless and they are relentless."
Hey, no sniggering!

Which reminds me, check out Hillary's Advance Man: We Set 'Goon Squads' on Protesters:
"Less genteel souls sometimes referred to them as goon squads," writes Patrick Halley in his new book "On the Road with Hillary." "But I objected to that term. I was proud of the fact that not one of them had ever been arrested," he boasts.

Halley said he prefers the term "etiquette squad" to describe the Clinton goon squads, but he admitted that "they could certainly be intimidating if the occasion called for it."


"Sadly, but inevitably, things sometimes got a little frisky, but my recruits knew how to handle themselves."

The Clinton operative recalled that one etiquette squad "had come from the longshoreman's union, and I had heard rumors that they had been very adamant about defending themselves when set upon by protesters."
Sounds familiar, right? I'm waiting for the musical, and the inevitable process of beatification.