Friday, November 08, 2002

Welcome to Virginia, punk
The NY Post reports Laptop Log: Kid Killed FBI Gal at Home Depot:
A morbid digital diary of death - with special symbols denoting hits and misses - was found on a laptop computer kept by the Beltway sniper suspects, a law-enforcement source told The Post yesterday.

Evidence on the stolen computer - found in the car driven by suspects John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo - helped prompt their transfer yesterday to Virginia, where they're likelier to face the death penalty, said the source.

The laptop was stolen in a Sept. 5 robbery-shooting at a Clinton, Md., pizzeria, the source said. Besides the diary, it also held some of the pizzeria's business records.

The pizzeria owner survived the shooting and is back at work.

The computer log detailing the shooting might doom Malvo, 17, since it shows he shot FBI analyst Linda Franklin, the source said. Franklin died in an Oct. 14 shooting at a Home Depot parking lot in Virginia.
Stay tuned for the usual UN/Euroweenie whines about executing "juveniles".