Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Someone grumpier than I am!
Margery Eagan in the Boston Herald says Look at votes the candidates are really going after:
Here's two things we could do without on Election Day: hypocritical whining about our disgust with negative ads and patriotic appeals to go out and vote.

Lots of us should just stay home.

What do you know about Shannon O'Brien and Mitt Romney?

"I don't know anything about her. Nothing about him either.'' So said Marjorie Geddis of South Boston yesterday at the Dorchester Star. But she's voting anyway. For whom? "What's his name? Romney? Yes, Romney. A man needs to run. A man has the strength.''

OK, we'll cut Mrs. Geddis slack here. She seems lovely, kind, pleasant. Plus, she's 86 years old. But her friend, Betty, is a decade younger. ``I like Shannon. He's pro-choice. She isn't.'' Well, actually, O'Brien is pro-choice too. "She is?''

Lenny Solomon of Boston is only 30. What's his excuse? "I like the lady. She's trying to do good things,'' said Lenny of O'Brien. What things? "I was watching her on the news last night. She was saying something . . . something . . .'' Then he laughed. "I forget.''

"Romney's a Mormon,'' said 42-year-old Harry of Hanover, who claimed to be a state worker but declined to give his last name. What else do you know? Then Harry laughed, too, and made excuses. "I'm pretty busy. Two little kids . . . I know he's rich . . . I saw his wife on TV. Couldn't believe she's in her 50s . . .''

So. Eagle-eyed Harry, handsome Lenny, spry Marjorie Geddis and girlfriend Betty - they're great people, every one. But should anyone beg them to vote?
But the secret to Teddy's success is revealed:
"Like an alien,'' said Sam Duggan, 46, Boston, of Romney. "He doesn't drink. Smoke. Swear. I mean, creepy.''