Friday, November 08, 2002

But wait, there's more!
From, Ford will challenge two veterans for House Democrat leadership:
Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.) said he would announce today he is challenging two veteran congressmen next week for House Democratic leadership.

"My candidacy and leadership would offer a new era of energy and vision for the party," Ford, 32, said in a telephone interview late Thursday.

Ford said he planned to call the radio show of Don Imus, also simulcast on MSNBC, this morning to announce he will challenge Reps. Nancy Pelosi, 62, a California liberal, and Martin Frost, 60, a Texas moderate whom Ford initially had planned to support.

It was on the same show Wednesday that Ford became the first House Democrat to publicly say the current minority leader, Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.), would draw opposition if he sought the post again after Tuesday's disappointing election results for Democrats.
Perhaps the Rev. Billy Sol Hargis will endorse him!

Obligatory reference to Imus' speech at the Radio/TV Correspondents Association Dinner in 1996.