Sunday, June 16, 2002

Would you like a camel with your Caribou? I first saw the "Caribou Coffee owned by Isamic Bank" story on Fark which pointed out the analysis of the email that is circulating. It then showed up in a number of venues including the thoughtful treatment by James Lileks in The Bleat.

I guess the company is feeling the heat. According to WCCO, "Although Caribou acknowledges that 87 percent of its parent company is owned by Middle Easterners, it denies the pro-Palestinian part of the rumor." Also as Lileks reports, they have started taking down web pages and informing people that the owning First Islamic Investment Bank does not permit linking to their web site without permission. (Extreme cluelessness alert!)

Gentlemen, if you're serious about keeping your investment intact, stop screwing around and get the Islamist nutcase, Shaykh al-Qaradawi, off your board. It's as simple as that.