Saturday, June 22, 2002

More Bunkum From Buncombe. Andrew Buncombe emits a high pitched bleat in the Independent with sad news of the dreadful crushing of dissent amongst editorial cartoonists in the USA. His poster boy is the hapless
Mike Marland, who had drawn a cartoon for the Concord Patriot newspaper illustrating what he considered Mr Bush's attack on the social security system by showing the president flying a plane marked "Bush budget" into the twin towers marked "Social" and "Security".
If Mr. Buncombe's IQ pushes above room temperature, it will hopefully occur to him that Mr. Marland's problems (he got criticized and the newspaper apologized - woohoo!) had very little to do with dissent and quite a bit to do with cluelessness. Also, if Buncombe seriously believes that dissent amongst editorial cartoonists has been crushed in the USA, I wish he would explain the odious Ted Rall.