Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Pond Scum: Thomas Edsall turns in sleazy Terry McAuliffe in an article in the Washington Post. It seems that after piously championing the Campaign Finance Reform (CFR) bill for the "little people", he has the Democratic National Committee lawyers out trying to gut it in court. This has left all the dogooder groups like Common Cause with their panties in a wad and Democrats like Sen. Russell Feingold and Rep. Martin Meehan are complaining too.

In case you Washington folks didn't notice, Terry is a political fundraiser. Raising money is what he does. It's all he does.

Well, just about all, because ole Terry also got rich while being a political fundraiser. Seems like an unusual career path, right? Being a political fundraiser doesn't sound like a high paying job. In fact, candidates usually try to get people who are already rich to raise money. Well, I guess when you're up there in Washington associating with the bigs, all sorts of business opportunities come your way. Like his pal Gary Winnick giving Terry a sweetheart deal that allowed him to turn $100,000 into $18 million in Global Crossing stock before it hit the rocks. Sure, Terry, we believe you.