Saturday, June 22, 2002

The New Client Class. Chicago has become the latest to join the parade of local governments approving the use of identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate for their "undocumented immigrants". "The cards allow bearers to open bank accounts, borrow library books and use other services."

The key thing about illegal immigration is that certain groups in the United States have a vested interest in a new client class. Since it's getting increasingly difficult to work up enthusiasm for those remaining citizens who are perpetually on welfare, they are doing their best to import some new recruits.

All the usual liberal suspects are involved and the worst of the crop of inner city politicians. The sooner the undocumented get citizenship amnesty and start voting, the better for these types. And some are voting already courtesy of Bubba's "motor voter" law.

Labor unions seem to be split, with some trying to protect the jobs of their citizen members and other relishing the opportunity to make up for declining membership with a whole new group of dues payers.

Even some of the largest US banks are involved. They see nice profits in catering to the illegal immigrant population. Er, excuse me, the "unbanked".

In the meantime, the benighted US taxpayer is supporting these "undocumented" and mostly untaxed immigrants in a variety of ways. And it isn't library books.

A modest proposal: why not haul in any business or local government administrator who directs that these counsular ID's be accepted and hit them with Federal charges of criminal conspiracy to aid and abet illegal immigration?