Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tabloid Newz Alert!

I must confess that I am not particularly interested in Prince Charles' upcoming nuptials beyond the fact that we'll have to hear about it endlessly in the news and even worse, have to hear about Diana.

But while we're talking tabloid heaven, how about this tangled skein?
Posing hand on hip in a cutaway dress, Drew Barrymore has an announcement to make.

She has joined the growing number of celebrities who have stopped shaving under their arms - and don't care who knows it.
Er, thanks for sharing but hold off on any other intimate grooming details, OK?
The 29-year- old Charlie's Angels star made her fashion statement at a New York catwalk event featuring designer Marc Jacobs.

With his penchant for dressing models in combat boots and army-style jackets, Jacobs is famed for his grunge-inspired look - and Drew certainly fitted in.

One of those attending the event at the Lexington Avenue Armory observed: 'She looked absolutely stunning but all people were talking about backstage were her hairy armpits.'
Well, she was cute in E.T. - when she was 7.
By going for the natural look armpit-wise, she is in famous company. In April 1999 Julia Roberts revealed her secret as she waved to the crowd at the UK premiere of Notting Hill.

A year ago Elizabeth Jagger posed, arms aloft, in a series of portfolio photos sporting an extravagant curly perm with matching accessories.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter is also known to shun the razor, as are Emma Thompson and Miranda Richardson.
Q. How can you tell the bride at a Hollyweird wedding?

A. She has the braided armpits!

But it's not all a big hairy deal:
By contrast, the macho men of Chelsea Football Club have given the red card to upper body hair.

Several stars stripped off their shirts following last week's victory over Blackburn Rovers to reveal waxed chests gleaming under the floodlights.

The trend was started by England player Frank Lampard, who was photographed on holiday last year sporting a smooth top half - including hairless armpits.
Maybe it cuts down on wind resistance?